The Great Gobbler

Turkey Dinner: Dressed to perfection

Turkey Dinner in Toronto, Year-Round!

We think it’s great to be able to eat turkey dinner year round so we thought you might too. That’s why the Great Gobbler offers complete turkey dinners year-round in the Toronto area prepared by an established catering company. All we need is 72 hours notice, or until we sell out.

Forget the hassle and have The Gobbler do the work for you! Our chefs from L-eat Catering, a custom caterer in Toronto for over 30 years, will roast and carve your turkey accompanying it with gravy, dinner rolls, cranberry orange sauce and your choice of four side dishes. Whether you're entertaining for your family & friends, ordering turkey dinner for office catering, or simply want a hearty meal for the night with leftovers for lunch, The Great Gobbler is your go-to for quality catered turkey dinner.

How did we get our name?

Our name is a take on The Great Gatsby, known for his impeccable taste, our own Gobbler is dressed to perfection with a crisp blue shirt, striped suspenders, top hat, and his signature polka dot bow tie.

Did you know?

The Gobbler changes his outfit if you roll over him with your mouse.